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The Gratitude Life Class by Toni Powell
Posted by Byron Movement on 2014-02-27 11:31:13.0


Gratitude: the new “wonder drug” comes to town

Mullumbimby March 22

The latest scientific research is proving that grateful people report higher levels of positive emotions, life satisfaction, vitality and optimism, and lower levels of depression and stress. 

Robert Emmons, Professor of Psychology at the University of California says gratitude appears to enhance pleasant feeling states and improve emotional, physical and interpersonal health.

He cites one study that found that practicing gratitude on a daily basis reduced the stress hormone cortisol by 23 percent, and another that showed gratitude could reduce the frequency and duration of episodes of depression.

The renowned Heart Math Institute in California maintains that gratitude is one of the few ways to bring heart rate back to its most optimal rhythm, helping to reduce stress and prevent serious health issues such as heart attacks.

Closer to home, Queenslander Toni Powell is visiting Mullumbimby to teach people how to be grateful, presenting a one-day interactive Gratitude Life Class designed to increase happiness and improve lives.

For the past three years Toni has been making a documentary

on the science behind gratitude, and has interviewed many of the world’s leading researchers in gratitude, happiness, psychology and brain science.

She has also been invited to speak about the “wonder drug” of gratitude at international and national conferences such as Happiness and its Causes, Wired for Wonder and TedX Noosa.

“The Gratitude Life Class is built around the world’s best research and my own personal experiences,” Toni said.

“There was a time in my life when I was drowning in a sea of anger, bitterness and depression. I thought I had lost everything and I didn’t believe that something as simple as being grateful could make a difference.

“But I was amazed to find that changing my perspective and looking for the good things around me made a hugely positive impact. Reconnecting with gratitude was like waking up to a brand new life.”

Her one-day Gratitude Life Classes, which have been described as “life changing”, teach participants how to enjoy life more, enrich relationships, boost creativity and build resilience.

The fun and interactive format combines the latest scientific research with images, music, short film, stories and everyday language to communicate simple ways to live more gratefully.

Toni will be presenting a Gratitude Life Class on the Gold Coast on Saturday, March 22 from 9am-4.30pm. For more information visit www.goodnessgraciousme.com or email toni@goodnessgraciousme.com