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Crystal Castle
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-05-22 18:18:26.0

From their website Crystal Castle

Nestled in Byron’s beautiful hinterland, the Crystal Castle offers an enchanting getaway reflective of the spirituality and element of escapism that the area is famous for. A lifetime of passion has seen the magical grounds transformed into an inspirational, tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful landscape like no other. Mystical statues, amazing crystals, exquisite jewellery and delicious delights await visitors, etching fond memories in the minds of all who pass through it’s gates.

A sacred escape, the Crystal Castle offers a unique place to “Enrich your Spirit”. Walk the ancient labyrinth, discover the gardens and rainforest, and wander the famous Buddha Walk. Lined with rose quartz and hand carved statues behold the awe inspiring presence of the blessing Buddha. At almost 4 metres high and weighing 14 tonne it offers a place of reflection and peace.

Marvel at the exquisite locally designed jewellery and amazing crystals from all corners of the globe, each a wealth of beauty to surround both yourself and your home. With an extensive array of books, music CD’s, body products and unique gifts there's something to suit any occasion.

Relax at the Lotus cafe overlooking the breathtaking views of the hinterland. Tempting treats and fresh produce provide breakfast, lunch or a well deserved coffee break.

Dragons, fairies and magical crystals can be found on the Crystal Castles “Kids Quest” providing hours of delight and learning. With an extensive playground and the enchanting treasure room adventure awaits children of all ages.

Inspiration, tranquility and breathtaking beauty await.
Enrich your Spirit!