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Jims Busy Bees
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-04-27 17:08:33.0

Everyone loves honey. I moved to the country and started getting interested in becoming a hobby bee keeper to produce my own honey. When I was researching it, I realized there is much more to bee keeping then just buying the equipment and putting the bee box in the garden, I also realised when I start reading articles and books they were amazing creatures. Don’t think just because you are living in town or in the city you won’t be able to enjoy your own honey.

People are keeping their bee’s in their suburban backyard. It is advised that you understand a little entomology because you will find some insects or bugs which are feeding from the bees/or destroying bee hives. Once you have chosen a site for your beehive you will need to go about acquiring the tools to successfully uphold a beehive. On the website www.biobees.com you can find in PDF format of a great on how to build your own bee box. You definitely need to get a bee suit when you first start out as you will have lots of unnecessary bits and it may take a few years until you are calm enough to collect honey without the suit.

Smoke is used to make the bees stress and think there is a fire coming. They gorge themselves on honey and fly around like crazy. If you switch to a garden sprayer filled with some sugar water syrup that is runny you will find when you spray the bees they don’t buzz and go crazy, they get very quiet and stop what they are doing and start licking each other and the syrup like crazy. Once the bees are ready you simply lift one bar at a time out of the hive and slice the top of the bar with the bread knife and let the entire honey comb fall into a bucket.

Keep a cloth over the bucket after to keep the bees out. Once you have enough honeycomb take a fine sheer curtain material, put the comb in the cloth and then mash it up with a fork, spoon or wooden lemon juicer. Then the mashed comb suspends in the cloth and hang it inside a large jar. In a few days to a week the honey will go through the cloth and into the jar with no pieces of wax or dirt, just pure honey. With this method you have not warmed or heated your honey, it has all the delicate sweet flavour and aroma that is destroyed when you harvest honey the traditional way. Enjoy the goodness of nature!