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Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-04-27 16:49:00.0

Zahlu is a Vocalist, Guitarist, and Songwriter who performs and records with his band “The Alchemists of Sound”. He also records and performs in solo acoustic mode. He fuzes Rock/Folk, Roots/Groove with droplets Eastern music into a sonic melting pot to create a audio visual soundscape journey to be experienced. His insightful conscious lyrics powered by passionate emotive magnetic melodies which contain a message of personal, planetary evolution will awaken your soul and spark a fire in your heart.

Drawing influences from old school path blazing ledges such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and The Beatles through to modern day avatars such as Ben Harper, Jeff Buckley, The Tea Party, R.H.C.P, A Perfect Circle and Incubus….. Born in Sydney Australia, Zahlu showed a strong interest in music at an early age and started playing guitar and writing songs at 15. He formed his first band at 16, who played their debut gig at Sydney’s famed Harbourside Brassiere.

Zahlu crafted his sound in Sydney’s live music scene, playing in various bands, from the late 80s through to the late 90s. In 2000 Zahlu relocated to Byron Bay, where creative inspiration is in abundance. In 2009 Zahlu spent some time down south in Melbourne to immerse himself in the awesome music scene the city has to offer. For the past ten years Zahlu has toured up and down the east coast playing in venues such as Beach Hotel, The Rails, Buddha Bar, Lennox Point Hotel, Great Northern Hotel (Byron Bay) Annandale Hotel, Cat and Fiddle, Bar Broadway, Lansdowne, Bridge Hotel, Hopetoun Hotel (Sydney) The Esplanade Hotel, The Evelyn, The Greyhound Hotel, Id Gaff Bar, The Empress, Bar Open (Melbourne).

To date Zahlu has produced and released various CDs independently which are available online. “Citizen of the Universe”(2004), “Alive in Byron Bay”(2002-2007),”Solo Acoustic Sessions Phaze3?(2001-2006)” “Phaze Five”(2007). Currently Zahlu has been writing and pre-producing a brand new 12 track album called ‘The Time Chariot’ with his band and solo acoustic album called ‘Red Magnetic Earth’ in which both will be released in early 2012. He also has a vast cover repertoire, busks in the outdoors of Byron Bay and is always jamin’ writing, performing, living and breathing music. “Music is the Medication”

MySpace: www.myspace.com/zahlu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/zahlu