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Posted by Byron Movement on 2013-01-11 16:01:25.0

Habitable gardens – Take a look at the mater plan HERE

Our aim is to create a development that blends reuse of existing buildings and restored habitat with rich cultural facilities into beautifully landscaped gardens and wildlife reserves including wetlands, coastal rainforest and swamp Melaleuca. Utilizing cutting edge design and materials to create solar passive, energy efficient and organic architectural buildings, this proposal will reflect growing trends in environmental consciousness, botanical stewardship, creative and eco friendly building design. These gardens and cultural facilities will nourish and reflect the spirit of creative innovation, diversity and individualism characteristic of the Byron Shire community.

Our vision is to co-create a harmonic living, learning and working space in balance with nature, community and spirit. This will enable all inhabitants and visitors of the Earthseed Gardens to enjoy access to a rich diversity of plant life that would grow abundant food, medicine, wildlife habitat and building material while nurturing a relationship with self, nature and spirit. Beyond self sufficiency, we aim to design along nature and bionic* principles enabling and nurturing systems that are naturally abundant and wealth creating for humans, plants and animals. *[Bionics – the science of the study of nature for application to modern design and engineering.] Designed, planted, constructed and maintained with innovative leading edge design principles and best practice models to harmoniously integrate with the surrounding ecology, this proposal will outline the creation of a sanctum of consecrated beauty for living, healing, inspiration and education.

A combination of natural simplicity and high tech interactive design will showcase the artisans, healers, gardeners, teachers, and craftspeople that make up the community while hosting and supporting a system of flourishing flora and fauna habitats. Earthseed will create an example of a nurturing, sustainable and evolving interactive space where nature and human culture can co-exist, flourish and be emulated on a local and global level. The Earth - seed community will offer attractive social, environmental, educational, economic and community outcomes for Byron Bay, the Shire and beyond. The concept aligns strongly with the vision that is evolving for Byron Bay.

We recognize that plants are the only beings at present that can synthesize matter from light producing food, shelter, medicine and beauty for all of nature’s creatures. Our vision rests on this understanding and honours plants by surrounding all buildings with conscious plantings and gardens that utilize and incorporate ancient plant wisdom combined with modern plant knowledge to forge deep relationships between all of natures kingdoms and nature spirits. The vision is supported by its intended location in one of the most beautiful sites in Byron shire.