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Byron Community Centre Goes Solar
Posted by Byron Movement on 2013-01-11 15:58:18.0

 Byron Community Centre hopes its new solar panels will set an example to other businesses in town. Thanks to the generous donation by local company Nickel Energy, there are now eight panels on the roof of the Centre. The building, designed ten years ago by architect Ian Mc- Kay, has a massive north-facing roof which makes it ideal for solar panels.

‘As the public building in Byron we can use it as education as to what you can do to reduce your power bills,’ Paul told The Echo. Six solar panels at 175 watts each will produce 1506 kilowatt hours (kWh) a year, which equates to an electricity saving of about $245 a year. A one kilowatt system will reduce approximately 1.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide gas being introduced into the atmosphere every year.

Paul said that the aim is to add to the eight panels to arrive at a 10 kilowatt system. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact the Community Centre on 6685 6807.

Story by Victoria Cosford.