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Beyond Zero Emissions
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-06-15 15:03:21.0

Melbourne-based Matthew Wright is the power behind a new movement to make Australia’s energy supply 100 per cent renewable. A computer engineer turned environment activist, Mr Wright is helping run an increasingly influential national organisation, using sound science to try and debunk myths promulgated by our most polluting industries.

He was a key-note speaker at the recent energy forum held in Mullumbimby. Asked about his personal motivation, Mr Wright pointed to his Liberal-voting father’s involvement in early Land Rights struggles with author Frank Hardy, as well as his brother’s work to fight lung cancer.

As part of the plan, volunteer presenters are being trained to speak to small groups across the country, with the aim of getting the facts to a million Australians, bypassing misleading media and industry spin along the way. If you want to join him, go to beyondzeroemissions.org.