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Seed Freedom Picnic
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-11-08 15:18:04.0

During the International Seed Freedom Week, the Byron Movement held the fort locally and hosted the Seed Freedom Picnic. We put the community call-out to all those interested in learning how to save seed, swap seed and grow from seed and, from that, beautiful things flourished.

Gathered in the Byron Movement Community Garden, we sat in the shade, in a circle and communicated about the importance of saving heritage seed. A local organic grower, William Martin, shared his personal experience of Genetically Modified seed. He told of the devastatingly tragic impact of GM seed in places such as India, and the epidemic of farmers’ suicides that followed the introduction of GM crops.

While this, and recent independent research finally linking GM foods with causing cancerous tumors, are quite debilitating truths, the community that gathered on that lovely sunny Sunday was uplifted with Bec Tallbot’s proactive speech on how to avoid GM foods and how to save heritage seed. This solution was put into action as the last activity of the day consisted of a free-for-all seed swap and communal picnic with most meals coming from the attendants’ gardens.

All in all we left feeling charged and determined. When the community comes together to face the harsh realities of our modern-day society and then combats it with a solution, action-based outcome, we realize that together, we can make all of the necessary decisions to turn these mistakes into great learnings.

A big thank you to Alice Moffett, Anthea Amore, and Sofi Krige for initiating and organizing the community gathering.