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Byron Herb Nursery
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-04-24 17:17:33.0

Byron Bay Herb Nursery is a community organisation and a registered non-for-profit charitable organisation providing support and training for adults with an intellectual disability in the Byron Shire. They are committed to paying productivity based wages under award conditions in a work place culture that encourages skill development, independence, team work, and the production of a quality product.They supply herbs to retail nurseries, garden centres, fruit & veg shops, hardware stores, landscapers, schools and naturopaths. Their herbs and other herb related products are also available to the public at our nursery at wholesale prices. The Nursery is committed to the physical, mental and spiritual health of their employees, customers and the community. They seek to provide a place of business that is accessible and inclusive, provides challenges, rewards accomplishments, promotes learning, and encourages contributions to the business, industry and community.