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Save the Byron Shire Markets
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-04-24 17:10:51.0

We have some great locals that are trying to save the Byron Shire markets from privatisation. Cr. Simon Richardson has successfully moved a motion to provide alternative criteria for assessing tenders for our markets. This alternative will ensure the markets stay in local hands. The Byron Movement supports this initiative and urges everyone to make a submission, supporting the alternative assessment criteria.

In this submission we should make it clear to our councilors that the community supports these alternative assessment criteria, promoting a locally focused market, instead of the original assessment criteria, that largely hands the control over our markets to those with the most money.

Draft Markets Policy – Expression of interest criteria amended
16 December 2011
Byron Shire Council has taken on board community concerns and changed the assessment criteria within the Draft Expression of Interest for Market Licences.
Councillor Simon Richardson said after the recent community meeting on the draft Markets Policy, he felt compelled to bring an urgency motion before Council to amend the criteria.
“The message was very clear from the meeting. The assessment criteria needed to demonstrate stronger support for local providers and community organisations.”
He said new criteria included a 20% weighting of knowledge of local market culture, and 10% each for commitment to socially and environmentally responsible operations.
“The shire is well known for its vibrant market culture and the new EOI criteria will help ensure the much loved markets retain their character,” Cr Richardson said.
The new Draft Expression of Interest for Market Licences includes the following qualitative criteria for tender assessments:
a) Sample draft plan of management, including stallholder and product criteria, safety and site management – 20%
b) Experience in the activity and of meeting licence conditions – 20%
c) Knowledge of local market culture – 20%
d) Experience and/or commitment to environmentally responsible operations and initiatives – 10%
e) Experience in and/or commitment to socially responsible operations and initiatives, as per Council’s Policy 09/008 “Social Impact Assessment Policy”- 10%
f) Licence fee – 10%
g) Commitment to Public Value Objectives contained in Council’s Policy 5.51 “Markets on Council Owned and/or Controlled Land” – 10%
i) Small business
ii) Tourism
iii) Employment
iv) Registered charities and/or incorporated not-for-profit associations
v) Art, craft and cultural heritage/sustainable agriculture
The documents are on public exhibition from 22 December 2011 until 27 January 2012.

Mayor Jan Barham said despite the changes, an expression interest process will still need to be held for markets run on public land.
She urged everyone involved with the market community to read the new documents.

“Even if a person has made a submission on the first version, and did not support the documents, read the second draft and let us know.
“It is valuable to have clarity from the community on the different versions of the assessment criteria for the draft Expression of Interest, to make an informed decision on behalf of the community prior to seeking interest from possible market managers,” she said.
Any money raised through the operation of a market on a Crown Reserve, including leasing or licensing part of a reserve, will be spent on improving and maintaining the land and or other Crown Reserves.
The new draft documents are available at community access points around the Shire or on Council’s website at www.byron.nsw.gov.au/public-exhibition.

Submissions should be in writing and addressed to the General Manager, Byron Shire Council, PO Box 219 Mullumbimby 2482 or sent by email to submissions@byron.nsw.gov.au. Emailed submissions to this address only will be acknowledged.