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Byron Youth Service
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-04-23 15:28:32.0

The Byron Youth Service or BYS has been providing support, education and activities for the Youth in the Byron Shire since 1987. The BYS organises a wide range of activities and programs throughout the year with the help of other organisations, funding bodies, local businesses and volunteers.

Some of their projects you might have heard of are Project U-Turn, Links to Learning and Young Mums Group. Many of the activities and events are hosted in the Youth Activity Centre in Byron, the YAC. If you are looking for a place for your event you can hire the space. Everything is there for your party, from lights to DJ set-up.

BYS: "We believe that “Young People Matter” and constantly strive to offer young people great opportunities to develop their skills, knowledge and connections within the community as they make their way through adolescence."