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Eiffel into the Sky By Epoch Collapse
Posted by Byron Movement on 2014-03-08 18:20:25.0

Epoch Collapse is a Dark Ambient, Experimental Electronic & Acousmatic sound art & audio-visual/multi-media project of human-type person Dariusz Roberte.

The aim for these solo projects is exploring areas of experimental electronic/electro-acoustic sound & composition

Epoch Collapse has performed live to silent films using tape collages/electronic sounds. The live mixing and remixing of sounds and samples are performed via an original graphic score. Epoch Collapse has recently completed a long-term music project: original piano compositions/improvisations with electronics, entitled 'Unprepared Piano'; this would end up being a series of 20+ CDs. Over the last few years have also been experimenting with field recordings and voice samples - electro-voice poetry/electro-noise poetry.

For a very interesting array of soundscapes from the dark,eerie,meaningfull to the ultimate experimental, Please vist the Epoch Collapse Website.


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