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Jules Hunt Ceramics
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-04-23 15:50:33.0

Jules Hunt is a Contemporary Minimalist painter and a celebrated Ceramic Artist. She has painted throughout her life, her ceramic work is multi-award winning and has been sort after by many people from both Australia and overseas, reflecting the wide appeal of her artwork. Her background is in graphic design and photography having studied at University of Western Sydney, this shows through in her work with a style that has visual balance & harmony between colours. Jules’ style is bold, vibrant & engaging with a strong sense of composition, dimension and colour. Her work focuses on design and balance with minimal subject. She paints the two-dimensional canvases in a style that gives the subjects a hard edge with a sense of depth and dimension. She is constantly exploring and evolving the design, colour and form of her art across various mediums, creating a style that is unique and vibrant in both her paintings & ceramic works.