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Earthship Seminar
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-06-13 15:59:55.0

Earthship Biotecture Lands On Australian Shores Earthships are radically sustainable homes made of recycled materials, designed by principal architect Michael Reynolds and built in over 17 countries such as USA, Mexico, Europe, Canada and earthquake torn Haiti. Buildings made from the earth, the natural environment and society’s throw away products-some may say they are ahead of their time with their otherworldly ‘Dr Seuss’ look, likened to a space ship rather than an earth dwelling.

That’s the point-they are made for the earth with this planet in mind, to sustain the growing population and harsh environmental and economical conditions we may face in future days. Earthship seminars have been conducted around the world and we now have the chance to learn more about Biotecture in Australia. Hosted by founder Michael Reynolds, events are secured in February for Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Northern Rivers, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Michael Reynolds said “I see people as stressed and starved right now all over the planet…. If you could take the people of this planet and make them relax and totally comfortable with knowing they had sustenance for them and their families for the future…people are not trusting anyone these days except maybe the sun and the sun can’t be brought out or corrupted”.

Earthships obtain electricity from the sun and wind, water from rain and snow, a sewerage sanitary treatment, heating and cooling from the earth, food that you grow inside and outside and a building made with natural and recycled materials-they are the ultimate in eco-housing. Setting the standard for living off the grid-literally living, eating machines with thermal mass for cooling and heating. There’s all you need, with power, water and life’s luxuries inside and out. With over 40 years of research and development the design is futuristic and the way to sustain our modern world. Be a part of this revolutionary change and secure a ticket for a must see unique event that will make you think twice, if not three times about how we live in our environment.