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Mystery Dingo Tours
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-05-21 08:51:01.0

Journey into the Heart of Nature with Mystery Dingo Tours ~ Journey with Dubai the Dingo from the Byron Bay hinterland to the Tabulam Plateau and bath in the beautiful surrounds ~ breathe deep the rainforest sense and wonder at the animals and birdlife ~ This is what Murray has to say about his Mystery Dingo Tours: I have been inspired by nature for the best part of my life, growing up in suburbia I had this sense that something was missing in my life, that I was not whole. Then one day BANG it hit me, nature was always there for me but!! I connected with her sprit, I was a part of her and she was a part of me, it was an awareness of what always was and will always be. This changed not just my life but my outlook on life. I looked to the old ones of this earth, the American Indians and the Australian Originals. The American Indians talk about the great mystery, life. It’s a mystery alright. So I used it for the name of my tour business, Mystery Dingo Tours. The Dingo is Dubai, my constant companion and best friend, the tours are more of a journey than a tour, I allow sprit to guide us on a one-day journey in the hart of nature and very own hearts. I can not guarantee that you will find this connection, only offer you the opportunity to do so.