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No Fracking – Lock the Gate
Posted by Byron Movement on 2012-07-07 15:06:34.0

Coal Seam Gas Mining is a great threat to the Northern Rivers. Geographically unique, created in a crater, we sit on a bed of coal, rich in the methane that the Coal Seam Gas-guys are after. We also sit, in parts, on a pristine artesian water basin that quenches our thirst, irrigates our farms and provides water to our animals. The conundrum: The artesian basin sits above the coal seams. This means that when they drill down, they drill through our waterbed, to the coal seams, poisoning our porous basin with 600+ chemicals in the process. The problem is so great that the whole community is up in arms. We’re seeing social barriers being broken down in front of our eyes as conservative farmers and linking arms with free-thinking hippies to stop this beast. Coal Seam Gas – Bringing about community cohesion.