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The Byron Movement: A Community Unification Platform (CUP)

Bringing about positive change by doing things in the wisest way a community can do them.

We hope the platform inspires more independence and a more enriching quality of life through connection to a coexisting, sustainable and balanced business and environmental society. Our mission statement is to protect the original spirit of the area, combining food trees, music and culture to unite and connect us all.

Real freedom is having your own food, power and water whilst ensuring you still have enough money to operate on a global commerce driven Earth.

We are seeing a lot of people now creating niche focused e- commerce strategies that over time can create passive income and community focused connection efficiencies, using the existing skills, resources and culture from the local environment. If we are able to keep the money within our region we will be able to secure our future prosperity.

We hope the Byron Movement will help create a platform for this change by connecting and identifying symbiotic sustainable community initiatives. This will create stability in knowing that we have enough food to feed ourselves as the world faces the emergence of food and currency wars.

Food, Water, Power, Consciousness, and Cohesion are the principles and spirit in which the Movement operates from.

Help your neighbour and help yourself. Lose your farms and you will become a victim of food control. We, the people, need to make changes and stop relying on institutions and governments to solve our perceived problems.

We must act each from our own home and lead by example by helping, not hurting, and the Australian spirit of 'a fair go for all'. We hope to create as many Earth Centres within the region as possible by partnering with our charity partner, the Byron Bay Herb Nursery, where all planting is being done by the nursery hands who have a disability.

We will utilise the tremendous work that this 24 year old nursery can provide the community with by propagating food seedlings in a recycled cup, and by spreading the message of empowerment for all, by planting native and food trees to protect our future.

The Byron Movement is also very passionate about music and culture.

We will look to embed more of this deeper within the community with partnerships and mutual win-win plans that we all can identify with.

Balance is the key in achieving this simple, yet community connecting vision. Utilise the power of cyber space to create time to free yourself and bring us back to Earth by putting some roots in the soil that will protect our future together.

Earth • Music • Evolution

The Byron Movement would like to thank the many people and groups that have made this initiative possible and gives respect to the original custodians of this land and the farmers that provide our food.

Wherever you are from, we are all people of the Earth. If we do not help each other, we are disrespecting our children and therefore ourselves and previous generations who have fought for our freedom.

The Byron Movement team thanks you all for your empathy to this community vision.

For more information or to get involved contact us here